A Bus On Busway

One day, from overpass bridge in front of Kemenbudpar Building, I saw there is a bus called Mayasari Bakti try to entering Busway line through busway separator.

Time is around 4.30 pm, drizzle falling down making the heat fade away. The traffic is busy enough, cause it’s the time to back home, especially to Government Employees.

I don’t know about Mayasari Bakti’s driver thinks on his brain. Haha..but maybe he knows, busway mean : a line for a bus. And Mayasari Bakti is a bus too.


21 respons untuk ‘A Bus On Busway

  1. i can’t say what-what when the duo maya jump to transjakarta track, amazing…

    if big vehicle can do that, it must be follow by duck and the other vehicle :mrgreen:


  2. haha… very creative bus driver. Imagine if the bus should face the traffic jam like that everyday ! It’s too much cost to refuel solar for bus because of the traffic jam.


  3. it’s very very unexpetable 😀

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