Vixion Sharp Headlamp, Between Eagle And Bagong

Vixion 2011 putih

This bike well known as The Giant Killer :shock:, otherwise famous with nickname Komstir Oblak :mrgreen: No!I will not review about it again. Just focused your sight to the headlamp silhouette. What do you think about this shape? Eagle head-shaped or….else? Lets’s check:

At first, we guess it as ealge head.

vixion elang

Yes right. Looks dashing enough and full of bravery, isn’t? Sharp eye and beak, ready to attack all rivals.GIF Thumb 1

Do you agree with this? Or you have other ideas?

Yes I have. How about this?

GIF tunjuk Bawah

vixion bagong

What is that? That is one of punakawan called Bagong. Do you think it’s look alike?

GIF tikus kaget

Quote this : Don’t under estimate with Bagong. Tough this character famous as joker (or clown), he has important role at wayang story. And actually has great capability.


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