Shincan Face! Funny? But Never Underestimated It


Shincan a ka Nohara Shinosuke, funny anime charater from Japan. With many jokes and his act, this character said inappropriate for children, bacause of his attitude adan speaks, containing adult material. So Shinchan labeled a worse character in Indonesia. How about a motorcycle nicknamed with Shincan Face?

NVL shincan

New Vixion  Lightning, called Shincan-Face because of it’s Headlamp shape. Wide on the top and rounded at the bottom edge. Fans hope it will be better if the headlamp have sharp edge, eagle head alike. But in reality, buyer don’t care about it, and NVL become the most demanding, sport bike.


If you think SHINCHAN-FACE is a worse thing, how about this car. This one has SHINCAN-FACE shape, more than NVL. If NVL’s Shincan shaped created by an imaginations, this car have original Shinchan looks alike.

GIF tunjuk Bawah

Bugattti Veyon

This Bugatti Veyron is Shinchan Face

The narrow headlamp as Nohara Sinosuke’s narrow eyes. The grill as the “o” shape mouth.

GIF Awesome

8 respons untuk ‘Shincan Face! Funny? But Never Underestimated It

  1. hoahahahaha. bugatti also … 😀

    shincan is ridiclous and hillarious. while shincan success to accepted in here NVL juga dong 🙂



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